Facial Rejuvenation

Houston, Texas Botox injections

Wrinkles, no matter where they are on your face, make you look older and more tired. BOTOX® Cosmetic works to temporarily erase those lines, and can take the appearance of years off your face. How does BOTOX® work? BOTOX® Cosmetic Injections are a temporary, non-surgical solution to the treatment of moderate-to-severe frown lines (the dreaded “11” lines) and Crow’s feet.  After the

Houston, Texas Brow Lift

Forehead wrinkles – those lines across your forehead and between your eyes that make you look old and angry – are common as we age.  Treatments such as Botox and injectable fillers can minimize these lines, but are temporary solutions to a permanent problem. Brow lift surgery raises the skin and muscles of the forehead and elevates the eyebrows to a more

Houston, Texas orthognathic jaw surgery

A strong chin is a facial feature that is desirable in both men and women.  However, their chins are shaped differently and require different techniques to attain the right contour for your face. Women’s chins tend to be smaller and more pointed than in men, who value a broad chin.  Chin clefts (the notorious “butt-chin”) can be attractive qualities in men, but

Houston, Texas eyelid surgery blepharoplasty

Aging and gravity can have a profound effect on the tissues of the face.  Nowhere is this more apparent than around the eyes.  Loose skin, bags under the eyes, and fatty deposits can all contribute to a look that says “old and tired”. Eyelid surgery, upper & lower, can help turn back the clock and restore your eyelids to give you a

Houston, Texas facelift

As we reach 40 or 50, our faces begin to give us away when it comes to our age. Cheeks sag, neck skin becomes loose, and ever deeper lines form around the mouth which can make us look much older than we feel. A facelift, in which the tissues of the face are surgically repositioned to their proper, youthful place, can help

Houston, Texas facial implant surgery

Some people are blessed with high cheekbones, while some are not.  The lack of a prominent underlying skeleton can make the middle portion of the face age prematurely, and can significantly contribute to a tired, older appearance.   We are coming to realize that not only do the soft tissues of the face change with age, but the underlying bones change, as well. 

Houston, Texas JUVEDERM lip augmentation frown lines

JUVÉDERM™ is an injectable gel that can help turn back the clock. It is one of the newer injectable fillers on the market, and is also one of the most popular. Dr. Hall typically uses JUVÉDERM™ to help: Add volume to the lips Reduce lower eyelid bags by adding volume to the cheeks Erase fine lines and wrinkles in the face How

Lip augmentation Houston, Texas

JUVÉDERM™ Voluma XC is the first injectable gel that is approved by the FDA for correction of volume loss in the cheeks. It is the newest injectable gel on the market, and is quickly replacing other injectable fillers to get rid of lower eyelid bags. One major benefit to JUVÉDERM™ Voluma XC is that it lasts over two times longer than other

Houston, Texas laser skin treatment

Laser skin & resurfacing treatments can help remove skin defects and blemishes by stimulating the body’s natural healing ability.  Nearly any laser skin treatment can accomplish this, but many of them require you to take considerable time off due to the long healing time that is needed to see results.  Fraxel™ Dual laser skin resurfacing is different, as it allows the body

Houston, Texas JUVEDERM lip augmentation frown lines

For patients in Houston, lip enhancement can completely change the appearance of the face, and is a popular non-surgical procedure. In skilled hands, lip enhancement can provide natural-looking, full lips with well-defined contours (and will avoid the dreaded “duck-lips” often seen in the tabloids). There are a variety of options available for lip enhancement, which include injectable fillers (Juvederm or Restylane), fat

Dr. Jason Hall is a Houston based Plastic Surgeon that is board-certified by both the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery, and is a Fellow in the American College of Surgeons. Procedures includes: Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift, Eyelid Surgery, Facelift, Rhinoplasty, Liposuction, Tummy Tuck, Mommy Makeover, Migraine Treatment and other Cosmetic and Craniofacial surgery procedures.
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